Njáll from Þjóðólfshaga 1

Már from Votumýri 2
Njála from Kjarnholtum I
Iceland2 years oldSorrel
really goodlooking stallion foal from our breeding mare in Iceland for sale. This guy is situated in Iceland ( we can help with the transportaion) and has top, top, top pedigree and movements like a dream! The mother has 9.5 for tolt and the father 9. So there is a super tolter. If you want to ride competitions or possibly make your own stallion, this is a good opportunity. Name: Njáll frá Þjóðólfshaga 1 ID no: IS2022181920 Gender: Stallion Mother: Njála frá Kjarnholtum I (8.16 with 9.5 for tolt) Sire: Már frá Votumýri 2 (8.48 with 9 for tolt) Height: The parents have respectively 143 and 147 Bloop: 119 4 or 5 times: Presumably 5 gait, has a lot of tolt. Evaluation: Possible evaluation topic! City: Hella, Iceland Breeding horse: Yes, very possible. Riding horse: Definitely! Competition A-class prospect.
Hestaleit Stine Sandahl
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