Fannar from Hejelte

Frosti from Heiði
Hetja from Hejelte
Denmark16 years oldBuckskin
Fannar from Hejelte is an easy-tølting 140 cm high gentleman with medium willingness. He rests well in the walk and moves through the body, and he has a large, soft canter. The trot is easy to ask for but he prefers the tølt, which is fluid and endless. He is soft on the reins and always in control. Fannar is used as a leisure horse and in good shape. He is easy to ride both alone as well as in a herd, in nature and on the track, and he always stays with his rider and follows your lead. You can make him more or less forward going depending on the rider's own energy, which makes him fun to ride. Fannar is used to dogs and traffic, even heavy traffic he does not react to. He drives a trailer, stands still by a farrier and is generally calm and attentive to your signals. In the paddock, he is a good friend, quickly joins the other horses. He offers a good ride every time!💯 If you are interested in this wonderful riding partner, contact Stald Liv v/Liv Malskær on 60 18 27 26📲
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